Sunday, December 17, 2017


The Global Organization for Stress ( is an Independent Global Association dedicated to dealing with stress related issues worldwide.


The mission of the Association is to bring you the best stress solutions, stress management strategies and stress relief techniques from around the globe. To achieve our purpose we have two levels of membership:

Basic Free Membership that includes:

  • Regular practical stress management and stress relief ideas, tips and strategies
  • A complimentary copy of 101 Ways to Less Stress

Premium Association Membership that includes the above benefits and the following:

  • Premium information on recent stress related studies and research worldwide
  • Premium content from global experts in their specific stress related niches
  • Ongoing presentations, videos and packages on stress related matters from leading professionals in their respective fields


Our dedicated team are working closely with the Association Director of the Global Organization for Stress to continually strive to achieve our ultimate mission and purpose.

Dr Judy Esmond

Dr Judy Esmond

DR JUDY ESMOND is the Association Director of the Global Organization for Stress. Judy is considered as a leading expert in the area of stress.  Dr Esmond has worked and undertaken research in stress related fields throughout her career.  Dr Esmond spent over 20 years working in the field assisting clients across all age groups (from children to adults) with stress related issues.  Dr Esmond has also taken her practical experience and lectured in the Division of Humanities and the Centre for International Health at Curtin University. Bringing together her vast practical experience and academic background in stress, Dr Esmond was appointed the Association Director of the Global Organization for Stress in 2009.

Dr Esmond holds a Diploma in Welfare Psychology, a Bachelor and Masters degree in Social Work from Curtin University and Ph.D. from the University of WA. She is also an Adjunct Research Fellow at the Centre for International Health.  She is author of numerous books, publications and research reports and is an in-demand conference speaker having been invited to speak throughout the world.

The Global Organization for Stress is delighted to assist you in dealing with your specific stress related issues immediately.