Saturday, May 18, 2024

Welcome to the Global Organization for Stress

The Global Organization for Stress is an Independent Global Association dedicated to dealing with stress related issues around the world.

Stress continues to be a growing concern for people worldwide and we intend to do something about this.

Join us on our mission to make a difference.


The mission of the Association is to bring you stress solutions, stress management strategies,  stress relief techniques and stress research from around the globe.

To achieve our mission and purpose we have designed two levels of membership available that will benefit everyone and a range of benefits that include:


  • A complimentary copy of 101 Ways to Less Stress.
  • One free 15 minute email consultation with one of our professional team members who will respond with some suggestions and ideas within 24 hours of receiving your stress related question or concern.
  • Regular emails with stress management and stress relief ideas and strategies.

To get started with the Basic Free Membership simply fill in form to the RIGHT with your first name and email address, tick the box to consent to us sending you regular email stress ideas and click submit. You will then receive a welcome email with access to a complimentary copy of 101 Ways to Less Stress.

Plus if you would like to do so, you can then email your stress related question or concern for your free 15 Email Consultation and we will email you back within 24 hours.

Please note: Because of the extremely high demand we can only provide ONE free 15 minute email consultation but will direct you how to obtain further information or other professional support.

So sign up today and join thousands of other association members of the Global Organization for Stress.

PREMIUM ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIP  you can upgrade your membership to become a premium member that includes the above benefits and more such as the following:

  • Premium information on recent stress related studies and research worldwide.
  • Premium content and interviews from global experts in their specific stress related niches.
  • Ongoing presentations, videos and packages on stress related matters from leading professionals in their respective fields.
  • Special member only discounts on all our recommended stress related products for you.

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